How can I add a bit of OOMPH in my Relationship?

We have all heard of the honeymoon phase where every touch was electric and every kiss made your heart melt, reaping the rewards of our bodies filling up on dopamine the natural feel good drug!

But as our relationship evolves, we become more comfortable with our partner our passion tends to fade. Our emotions and hormones stabilize and our initial emotional high evolves into the comfortable committed stage where we can lose our oomph.

Reigniting that passion between the two of you especially when you have other commitments such as work or children is often challenging for couples.

So, how do you get your oomph back?

Let’s start with Emotional Connection:

Open lines of communication with your partner, prioritise and plan uninterrupted quality time together. Focus on each other not your phone or TV screen.

Touch more- hold hands, smile at each other kiss and cuddle at least once a day.

Focus on the positives in your relationship, be mindful of your relationship narrative which is the chatter in your head (this is usually negative).

Show gratitude to your partner, this reinforces appreciation supporting your emotional connection.

Sexual Intimacy.

I have found initiating sex is very challenging for many women for various reasons. If this relates to you it is important you communicate why you struggle to initiate.

Romance has not lost its appeal, if you want to be romanced by your partner you need to communicate and express what romance means to you, and the ways you like to be romanced, after all your partner cannot read your mind!

Just do it!  And I mean Sex!  Physical intimacy plays an important role in all romantic relationships, it will rekindle your desire to reconnect and bring back that OOMPH!

I understand for various reasons including medical, sex can have its challenges.  If this applies to you, seek professional support to find alternative ways to get the oomph back.  ……Joy

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