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I recently spoke to a group of fabulous women who were attending a local Community Women’s Wellness Night. For a bit of fun, I ask my audience to identify their personality shape. Each shape represents certain traits to a person’s personality. 

It never ceases to amaze me just how on target and entertaining this activity can be. That being said there is no one personality test that accurately describes an individual’s unique personality, but this one is certainly a bit of fun when addressing a group of people.

Which one are you?



Structure, hardworking, logical individuals, usually very organised and loves routine.  Squares generally prefer to work alone and can be accused of being a bit stubborn!  Squares are great researchers and always ensure they have all the facts before they make decisions. They thrive on data and information; they tend to like to follow policies and procedures and considers fun as a bit of a luxury.

Accountants- book-keepers- librarians


Successful, self-confident, goal orientated individuals.  Strong communicators with the ability to multi-task to get to where they need to be. Triangles engage and motivate their tribe to achieve.  They are outspoken and are not easily influenced by other’s opinions and prejudices.  They are leaders in their field.

-Steve Jobs


Circles hold the three ‘C’s – Caring, Considerate and Compassionate individuals. They love to have fun and laugh and are great team members.

They do not like conflict and tend to want to fix all that is wrong in the world.  Their goals are generally to make everyone happy. They can be people pleases.

Circles can struggle to set boundaries and take other people’s opinions and comments personally.  They often put other people’s needs ahead of their own, with the expectation that others will do the same for them.  Which is not often the case.  They can show attributes of low confidence and self-esteem.

-Marilyn Munro


Squiggles are flamboyant, free-spirited and very creative individuals. Their creativeness can extend into the bedroom where they can be sexy and very expressive.

They are deep-thinking individuals who are always thinking of new ways and new ideas. Squiggles can get bored easily so they are always looking for something new in their life.

Squiggles are social butterflies with loads of energy, they tend to speak first, think later.  Not always the most organised but super energetic people.

-Lady Gaga

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