Build a stronger connection with your partner using these 5 simple steps.

Are you struggling to emotionally connect with your partner? Here are my top 5 relationship recovery ideas you can use today that will support you in finding your connection again.

As we are now well and truly into 2021, we have all become well aware of how unpredictable life can be. A key take away from 2020 was the importance of keeping your relationship alive and well so you can weather the storm together.

The start of a new year brings a time for us to reflect on our lives and set goals for ourselves. This year why not include your partner in your goal setting and explore ways of improving your relationship together.  The good news is that it doesn’t take a great deal of time to rekindle your connection. It does, however, take commitment and a small amount of time each day to maintain and rebuild those feelings of closeness. 

Organise some time and start sharing how you wish to connect, use this list below as a guide for ideas. Start small, don’t overload yourselves with ideas perhaps work through a couple first.

Which ways will you choose to connect with each other today?

1/ Create a nightly ritual

Night-time can be a perfect way to connect after a busy day. Develop a nightly habit such as a good night kiss, or a bedtime cuddle, perhaps try holding hands while you doze off to sleep, or even a “I love you”?

By practicing a nightly ritual, you will create an atmosphere of love and connection and will happily ease your into sleep.


2/ Keep each other informed.

Set time aside to celebrate the daily things that occur in your life. Whether it’s celebrating a work achievement, something the kids did or just keeping each other in the loop. It’s important for you both to share the important things you experience and spend your energy on.


3/ Show appreciation:

Expressing your gratitude for the little things that your partner does on a daily basis will make them feel appreciated and more connected with you.  Whether its cooking dinner, supporting the family financially, cleaning, or even looking after the kids. A little comment showing your gratitude and appreciation will go a long way in your connection.

4/ Turn towards your partner and actively respond to what they are saying:

With reports suggesting one in three relationships end in separation, the common theme of separation was the feelings of disconnection.

If your partner suggest you do something together or if they are just communicating through light chatter, they are reaching out for your attention and connection. Don’t turn away, make a commitment to understand that this behaviour is all about getting your attention and wanting to connect with you.

5/ Find time for yourself:

The happiest relationships are the ones where both partners feel satisfied exploring and perusing outside hobbies and friendships.  Through exploring outside passions, you will return to your partner feeling energised and have better interactions with the most important person in your world. 

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