The power of romance…

Our brains are hardwired to feel the bliss and excitement of romance.

Romance is about getting close with your partner and tapping into their needs, making them feel special and important to you.  In some cases, it can be the little things that you can do to demonstrate your love and desire for them. 

The Greek philosopher Plato suggested that one of the highest forms of love was actually of the non-sexual attachment kind.

It doesn’t need to be hard work or a grand gesture, you just need to prioritise your relationship and savor those special moments together.

There is however a difference between romance and sex, and in many relationships, if you want the latter you will need to nurture the former.

So, what is romance and how can you initiate it into your relationship?

Romance is about committing yourself to your partner and building on your relationship, you can do this with little things such as:

  • Doing something special for your partner, without being prompted or guided, shows your partner you are thinking of them and they feel important in your life.
  • Communicating vulnerably with your partner, expressing your feelings openly and depicting your enjoyment of spending time together.
  • Tuning into your partner’s love language and utilising that language. Romance is not something we do for ourselves; it is something we do for our partner
  • Showing through words or actions your appreciation, love, and respect towards your partner.

Being romantic is wanting to connect with your partner by doing something special or unexpected for them and enjoying special moments that are unique to your relationship.  Your partner needs to feel they are a priority in your world through your actions and words.

To be romantic you need to get creative, particularly during Covid. It’s not so easy to book a restaurant at the moment so organise a romantic takeaway dinner for two after the kids go to bed.  Or leave a sticky note showing your appreciation of your partner somewhere they can see it. Have a cheese night for two, include wine if you are wine drinkers.  Maybe a pamper night for the two of you. The ideas are endless you just need to get your creative juices flowing!


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