10 signs you are in a healthy relationship

I have created this list for you to instil awareness to the fundamentals of a healthy relationship.  If you feel your relationship does not have these points, its important you address your concerns with your partner and/or seek professional support. 

1/ Your relationship is a safe place

What I mean by this is; you feel comfortable in your relationship, sure you may argue, most couples do  after all, we are ALL uniquely different!

However, to feel you can be yourself in your relationship without prejudice, is an important factor in a healthy relationship. Knowing your partner is there for you, having your back through thick and thin creates a safe space for you.

2/ You trust each other and show respect to one another

Your healthy relationship is built on trust and commitment to one another.

Open communication without reservations or secrets is imperative to building a strong bond between the two of you.  If you are concerned about trust in your relationship you can head to this website; https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/quizzes/take_quiz/relationship_trust and take the quiz for more awareness.

3/ You have empathy and kindness in your relationship

You treat your partner with kindness and you demonstrate empathy towards one another. Together you Identify your future goals and work together in achieving them.

4/ You make joint decisions

You share the majority of decisions in your relationship.  You don’t expect your partner to carry the responsibility in managing these decisions.   

This joint decision can range from financial, childcare, even deciding on a  restaurant together. You support each other and work together.

5/ You have the space to speak your mind

You feel comfortable in expressing openly your thoughts and feelings without fear of retribution.

Successful relationships are built on a foundation of openness and honesty.

6/ You can have your own space

You both take time to pursue your own interests, supporting your personal growth and development.


It’s important to remember not to sacrifice quality time with your partner and family, or resentment will creep into your relationship

7/ You agree and support one another on your roles in your relationship such as work, household duties, children

You have collaborated and agreed upon your roles regarding the external responsibilities in your relationship. Such as; how you support one another in raising your children, how you divide up the household responsibilities, planning holidays or socialising, work commitments,

8/ You display emotional and physical intimacy in your relationship

You feel connected with your partner, intimacy involves both emotional and physical closeness and openness in your relationship. Intimacy can improve our mental health and physical well-being. Research has shown intimacy in your relationship can reduce your stress, & blood pressure levels and can boost your immune system.

9/ You have effective communication in your relationship

Effective communication shows value and respect in your relationship.  You feel comfortable to approach your partner to discuss any topic, knowing you will be heard.

Active listening plays an important part in a healthy relationship along with empathy and understanding towards each other’s thought’s feelings and opinions.

10/ You have healthy arguments

Disagreements are normal in any relationship. You fight fairly and productively.

Name calling and put downs is a no-go zone and reliving past disputes are all unhealthy in a healthy relationship. 

Well.., there you have it, my 10Signs you are in a Healthy Relationship.

‘I hope this has supported you in identifying areas in your relationship that may need work or perhaps this list has reinforced to you that your relationship is in fact healthy!’



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