5 Secrets to a successful relationship

What type of habits have you and your partner adopted in your romantic relationship?

 Are these habits positive and support a happy and healthy relationship or are your habits dysfunctional and destructive causing you grief and sadness in your relationship? As you probably know by now, all relationships take work and both parties need to become aware of their contribution towards an unhappy relationship.

So, with that said, here are my top 5 secrets to a successful relationship.

1/ Communication:

Communication is one of the biggest keys to a successful relationship.  Unfortunately, during a conflict, this seems to be the first thing to leave.

Focus on being open and honest about your feelings, take responsibility for your decisions and choices and avoid blaming the other person for your decisions.  Active listening is a key trait in a successful relationship.  Without judgement, listen to what your partner is trying to communicate to you, paraphrase what you have heard and try to avoid using tone!


2/ Quality time. This is something that often gets lost in many relationships today.

Prioritising time with the person you love and care for is essential in any relationship. Spending time together can strengthen your bond because you are fully focused on each other.  You don’t need to spend every minute of the day together, just pencil in a few moments daily, to check in and do something you both like to do.  This is a perfect way to recharge your relationship batteries.

3/Show appreciation for your partner

With our busy scheduling these days we all tend to be on automatic pilot.  Noticing and acknowledging the little things your partner does, instead of focusing on the things they don’t do, can support your connection and improve your relationship.

4/ Support – Be there for your partner.

It’s important you have your partner’s back!   Both partners need to feel secure in the relationship knowing that they have the full support of the other, regardless of the circumstances. You don’t necessarily have to agree, you just need to demonstrate empathy and support of your partner’s feelings.

‘However, if there is abuse in your relationship please seek professional support’.

5/ Trust

Healthy relationships require mutual trust between both partners. Knowing your partner is always open an honest with you instils a solid foundation in your relationship.  If trust has been broken in a relationship, it can be a long journey back to stability and happiness. For the person who has broken trust in the relationship, they need to be transparent in all communications and willing to support change to rebuild trust.  For the recipient, if you have made the decisions to stay in your relationship,  you need to be open to your feelings and receptive to forgiveness.

‘If you are struggling to overcome your trust concerns,  professional support can guide you both towards reconciliation and regaining the trust’.


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