Are you living your Best Life?

Over the weekend my dear friend Mary (not her real name) asked me “HOW CAN I BE THE BEST VERSION OF ME”?

Mary has been following me on social media and my headline at the start of the month ’ARE YOU LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE’! resonated with her to the point she started questioning her overall happiness. Mary found herself stuck in her DAILY ROUTINE, sleep- breakfast-work-lunch-work-kids-dinner-TV-bed.

Sound familiar?……

Mary found the boredom of her routine was impacting her self-esteem, confidence and her ability to motivate herself, she found an increase in negative self-talk.

Mary shared with me that she believed this way of thinking was impacting not only her own behavior but her relationship with her partner as well.

Mary felt she was happy with her life but found she had no spontaneity or change in her day and she felt at times she was just surviving…. NOT LIVING!!

Because Mary was so stuck in her daily routine, her ability to think or even embrace new ways or ideas for herself became too much of a challenge for her. She struggled to think of things that interested or excited her.

You see Mary, is what I call a SUBSCRIBER.

A subscriber is someone who invests in other peoples lives and not their own. Over the years Mary has invested a lot of her energy, stamina and time in supporting others and taking care of them, often placing their needs ahead of her own.

Mary asked “what could I do that will support me in finding ways where I can be the best version of myself”?

I said…………


See what it’s like to do things different in your day. Things like: Wake up earlier, have a different breakfast, drive a different way to work, do something different for lunch, change your lunch time. Have a conversation with someone you would not normally talk too. After dinner do something different instead of watching TV, or try a different show?

Anything that revs up your curiosity juices.

You will be surprised of the benefits.

Here are 4 benefits as to why you need to be CURIOUS!

Keeps your Brain Stimulated:

Research has shown through being curious to explore and learn new things you keep your mind intellectually stimulated throughout your life time, you support your brain/memory power which in turn may protect you from late in life dementia.

Increases Productivity:

If you make the decision to be more curious you will learn more and retain the information more effectively. You will have clearer cognitive functioning which will in turn increase your motivation and desire to be more proactive and productive in your day.

Reduces Anxiety

Being curious can reduce the feelings of anxiousness and fear, you change your focus to wanting to engage and learn rather than fearing it. Your self-talk is focused on what you can learn rather than what you fear.

Strengthen Relationships and Increases Happiness:

You become less REACTIVE within your relationships and more PROACTIVE. Your mindset leans towards a more positive approach rather than the destructive defensive pattern you currently may have. You want to listen more and communicate better with your partner, work colleague, family and friends.

Curious people report they are emotionally happier, physically more balanced and tend to experience more opportunities in life.


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