I know I do!

Not everyone is born confident, feeling confident is a learnt behavior, one that we need to work on daily to build resilience and resistance to external influences and more importantly our internal source of dissatisfaction.

So, what is a confident person?

A confident person is generally optimistic and can admit to their mistakes without feeling violated or judged. Confident people are willing to be curious and take risks and will do what they believe is right even if the result is unpopular.

Tips on being more confident:

  1. Start making a list of things that you are proud of or have achieved in your life, awareness is powerful and this list will be a reminder of the successful things you have achieved. If you are feeling low head to this list as a reminder.
  2. Identify your strengths, what you are good at. This could be many things such as a good friend or good listener or you could be awesome at your job, anything that you believe are your strengths. I call these strengths ‘OUR GIFTS’ everyone has them.
  3. Talk yourself up! Our internal chatter is powerful, instead of saying you are hopeless or struggling to get motivated, change your internal chatter, be more curious about things in your life. Empower your mind through positive affirmations rather than negative thinking patterns.
  4. Set yourself a plan. I am a daily and weekly planner. I identify what I want to achieve for myself and I write my daily/weekly plan for myself. By writing this down I set my intentions and commit to it.

‘What can I do now?’

If you are struggling with your self-esteem and confidence seek professional HELP. Don’t struggle trying to do this on your own, we all need support from time to time, admit to yourself you want change, believe in your ability to make it happen and and go do it!

Joy – Personal Development Coach and Relationship Counsellor

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