Relationship Counselling



Why choose Solace Counselling?

Couples feel frustrated and overwhelmed when communication breaks down in their relationship and they no longer feel important, or more importantly valued by their partner.

At solace counselling I use a revolutionary relationship program that is easy to follow and works on improving communication, build intimacy and your understanding on how you both can change unhealthy communication cycles into more meaningful and healthy conversations.

Understand your own needs in your relationship

Comprehend the process of what behaviours need to change to build a stronger connection

Eliminate frustration from unspoken words

Use proven relationship strategies during your everyday routines to strengthen your intimate connection

1. Ready for change

Book an appointment for
you and your partner.

2. Learn the secrets

Discover the strategies that will transform the way
you communicate and emotionally
connect with each other.

3. Happiness

Enjoy a lifetime of relationship
happiness and renewed connection.