couples counselling



Marriage and Relationship Counsellor

Couples can feel frustrated and overwhelmed when communication breaks down in their relationship, they may no longer feel important or valued by their partner.
If these feelings persist, resentment can start to build.  When you have feelings of resentment in your relationship it can make you behave in a less than ideal way, it alters your feelings towards your partner and it influences the way you interact within your relationship.

I specialise in relationship support and know how to help you create the change you want and need. I do this through a revolutionary program which offers a positive and effective approach towards change.

Learn how to effectively:

Understand each other’s needs and desires within your relationship

Comprehend what behaviours are holding you back from achieving happiness within your relationships

Eliminate frustration from unspoken words

Use proven relationship strategies during your everyday routines to strengthen your intimate connection

Each session is 50 minutes, costs $100 and the amount of sessions required will vary depending on your situation and your needs.

1. Ready for change

Book an appointment for
you and your partner.

2. Learn the secrets

Discover the strategies that will transform the way you communicate and emotionally
connect with each other.

3. Happiness

Enjoy a lifetime of relationship
happiness and renewed connection.

couples counselling