5 warning signs you should never ignore in your relationship

Identifying the early warning signs in your relationship can help couples prevent conflict.

Early warning signs are:

  • Not sharing your time and doing things together as much as before.
  • Loss of warmth, friendliness and connection within the relationship. Constantly feeling dissatisfied and unhappy.
  • Feeling like you are having recurring arguments about the same issue, without resolution.
  • Loss of emotional intimacy and physical intimacy (sex).
  • Prioritising time on other interests outside of your relationship.

These behaviours can be the first signs that your relationship is in trouble.  It can trigger the first stages of loneliness, sadness and disconnect with your partner.

Don’t let this happen to you, if you identify with any of these its now time for action!

Change these negative behaviours, manage your own thoughts and actions and have that conversation with your partner.  Give them the opportunity to meet you half way and work together on building a stronger connection where you both can be happy.


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