Communication Roadblocks

Communication Roadblocks Seven Deadly Sins of Communication

Communication roadblocks can play a large part in the breakdown of communication in relationships.  For many couples they know their communication needs work but are often unsure of what to do or how to make the necessary changes needed.

My Seven Deadly Sins of Communication are a guide for you to learn and understand if your language is sabotaging your communication and your connection within your relationship.

The seven Deadly Sins of Communication are…

(1)        Mind reading

(2)        Conflict avoidance – stonewalling

(3)        Forgetting to listen – (not actively listening)

(4)        Over generalising

(5)        Being defensive

(6)        Being right

(7)        Playing the blame game

Not actively listening is a popular roadblock many couples experiencing in their communication.
The ability to communicate effectively with your partner is an important factor in any intimate relationship. Active listening plays a big role in supporting your connection and enhancing your ability to learn and grow as a couple.
Knowing your partner is fully present in any conversation reinforces respect, empathy and willingness to connect with you on an intimate level.  Active listening gives the listener the ability to clarify, learn and respond in a more meaningful and appropriate way, and ⁠it can support in minimising misunderstandings and conflict.
When communication lines break down, it is usually because one or both partners stop listening and focuses on their own thoughts or resolution agendas. Because of this many couples get stuck in the cycle of arguing to win rather than arguing to resolve.
I have also seen many couples get stuck in the unhealthy ‘fix it’ cycle. This is when one partner stops listening and offers their own solution to fix the issue or offers a dismissive solution to their partner’s concerns. The possible consequence of this behaviour is the speaker may feel inferior or not valued and withdraw altogether from the conversation and their partner.
The ‘Fixer’s intentions are typically honorable, however, this habitual cycle can cause grief for the speaker as they may not want a resolution, but rather an empathetic ear.
Being fully present in all conversations is vital to building a safe and secure bond that allows expression and vulnerability without the fear of judgement, rejection or retribution.
It’s never a bad time to start practicing your listening skills, so get to it!

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