Relationship recovery


A growing number of people experience challenges at some point in their relationship. Our expectations of others can turn to disappointment because they may be unable or unwilling to meet our needs & desires.  Because of this, resentment can start to build, we can often hold on to this resentment and carry it within us throughout our daily life.  

In individual relationship counselling, our relationship specialist will work with you to process and unpack unresolved issues you may have, support you in clarifying what you need to move forward, and offer new perspectives and strategies that will help you release the pain you may be carrying.

Our focus is to support you in achieving your goals and create positive change within yourself and your relationships with proven relationship repair strategies.


  • How to heal old wounds and recover from past trauma
  • How to be a stronger and better communicator
  • How to confidently express your feelings and needs in any given moment by being more assertive.
  • Build intimacy and a stronger connection with your partner


And lastly…

Learn how to be the change you wish to see in your relationship’

Each session is 50 minutes, costs $130.00 and the amount of sessions required will vary depending on your situation and your needs.