Improving relationship intimacy

Bringing back


Relationship intimacy is more than just sex; it’s about connection, trust, commitment and wanting to share your feelings knowing your partner will be there to support you.

The lack of intimacy in your relationship is often a reflection on what is not working in your relationship.

It’s important for all couples to work together and build a solid foundation full of support, trust and commitment.

Building your emotional intimacy will support the passion and the growth of physical intimacy (sex). However, in my experience there is always more exploring needed for many couples, because even with emotional intimacy they can still struggle sexually.

If you are struggling to connect with your partner and you feel it’s time for change, please reach out and I will support you with the strategies you both can work on to find that connection again.

Each session is 50 minutes, costs $120.00 and the amount of sessions required will vary depending on your situation and your needs.