Better at Connecting Guidebook





Promoting closeness and connection in your relationship!

In my line of work as a relationship counsellor I see many couples struggle with their intimate connection. This is because life is so busy with work, children, social, housework and personal commitments that we tend to prioritise our relationship less.

The emotional connection between partners is one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship. When couples lack intimate connection, communication can break down, trust issues can arise and the closeness you once felt starts to diminish.

The good news is together you can get your mojo back, and a great starting point for you is through this guide – Better at Connecting.

This guidebook is designed to support your emotional connection with seven proven activities that many of my couples have used in sessions. These connecting tools have strengthened intimacy, communication and enhanced closeness within couples who were struggling with their intimate connection.  


Who is this guidebook for?

  • Individuals/ couples who are ready to explore something different
  • Couples who want to feel more connected with their partner 
  • People who have struggled to come up with ideas that encourage emotional closeness with their partner


How this guidebook can help you?

  • Protect your relationship bond 
  • Explore fun and innovative connection building ideas without the expense of traditional date night ideas
  • Build a stronger connection using proven strategies you can do from the comfort of your own home
  • Create awareness as to how you can move forward in your relationship using the strategies discussed in this guidebook


What this guidebook covers:

  • Awareness and understanding on finding your spark and connection
  • Seven key connection activities you can explore with your partner at home
  • Easy and time effective exercises that enhance intimate connection


Activities include:

  • Communication activity
  • Trust Activity
  • Ritual of appreciation activity
  • Active listening activity
  • Laughter activity
  • Date night activity
  • Power of kissing activity


The aim of this guidebook is for you and your partner to get your connection mojo back so you can both can live a rich, full and meaningful life together. 


Last note: 

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This guidebook is recommended for readers over the age of 18