Better At Communicating Guidebook




Better At Communicating Guidebook 

Do you feel you have reached a communication stalemate in your relationship?

Too often, couples wait for something to break before trying to fix it. The first thing couples tend to notice when something is wrong in their relationship is a change in the way they communicate, that is because their pain points have been triggered, emotions run high and unhelpful communication patterns form.  Hostility, angst and resentment can creep in and the longer you stop communicating effectively, your emotional connection with your partner can start to fade.

The good news is you can get communication and your relationship back on track, and a great starting point for you is through this guide – Better at Communicating e-Book!

This guidebook is designed to support you in working through the common key areas that generally hold couples back from communicating their needs effectively.

Who is this guidebook for?

  • Individuals who wish to understand their own communication style and improve their ability to express themselves more openly and effectively
  • Couples who are struggling in communicating and would like a starting point to change their communication patterns and build a stronger connection, through sharing their thoughts and feelings openly without fear
  • People who would like to learn more about their communication styles and pattens


How this guidebook can help you?

  • Identify your barriers to open communication
  • Gain insight as to the importance of effective communication 
  • Learn how to communicate effectively based on your values
  • Understand conflict resolution style and how to resolve conflict effectively with proven strategies
  • Create awareness as to how you can move forward in your relationship using the strategies discussed in this guidebook


What this guidebook covers:

  • Awareness section to gaining understanding and clarity
  • What is considered good communication
  • Your communication goals
  • Communication styles
  • Identifying your triggers which impact your communication style
  • Communication roadblocks, what could be holding you back from others really hearing you.
  • Conflict resolution 


Essential steps: 

  • Explore proven ways to Communicating effectively your feelings and thoughts
  • Finding the right words 
  • Communicate by your values 
  • Active listening awareness and skills


The aim of this guidebook is to assist you with strengthening your communication, so you can live a rich, full and more meaningful life with your partner and others.


Last note: 

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