Getting the Clarity you Need in your Relationship.

I see so many couples who are in a reactive cycle pattern within their relationship and who are desperate to change this destructive behaviour, but don’t know how. Together we can change that – I have created an easy activity to help you bring about positive change in your relationship.

How to renovate your home without jeopardizing your relationship!

Renovating a home can be the ultimate relationship test. For some couples, it can be the ultimate battle of conflict and disappointment, mixed with high levels of emotional strain and stress. With the right tools you can get through this time with minimal emotional injury and disconnect.

The Secret to Making a Relationship Last!

Relationships require communication, empathy, trust, compassion and intimacy to blossom, but the most important trait to maintain that love long-term is equal effort. Do not expect your partner to do all of the work and make all of the changes – you must take some responsibility and put in the hard yards as well. If […]

3 Simple ways to improve your communication in your relationship.

We are not all taught how to effectively communicate our wants and needs, we can come across as defensive, too emotional or even arrogant, to our partners. As a result, we can often feel unheard and judged which can result in us withdrawing from our partner and protecting our real feelings. Does this sound familiar? […]