Joy Ball - Solace couples counselling

Meet Joy Ball

the peninsula's couples counsellor

Joy Ball - Solace couples counselling

Meet Joy Ball

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meaningful connections

I believe learning how to sustain a solid foundation in all relationships is the key to having longer and more meaningful connections.

I have always been interested in hearing the stories of others and I have found people are really comfortable to share their personal details with me. I began my counselling career as a generalist counsellor back in 2009, supporting individuals and couples with various needs. But something changed for me – the more couples I saw in my practice, the more interested and curious I became as to why so many of us are struggling to maintain strong connections with the people we love and associate with, me included!

I started to research and learn more about what is needed in relationships, and I discovered our lives often reflect differently to our values and vision. This pattern alters our emotional connection with ourselves, our partner and others. In today’s modern relationships, I have found many individuals and couples are struggling to identify clearly who they are as an individual, what their needs are and how to live a life that is truly aligned with their values, beliefs and purpose.

My approach to relationship counselling is a little different to some. I offer a Solution Focused Strategy based approach where we explore what is going on in your relationship, identify behaviours that are working and those that are not, what needs to change for you to move forward, and the strategies and tools required to re-build a solid foundation – one filled with love, effective communication, curiosity and passion. It can be a challenging journey, I won’t lie to you, but if you are committed to work at it, you will succeed.

My life’s passion is to inspire as many people as I can to connect with those who matter in their life in a way that is more meaningful, purposeful and successful.



“The quality of our life is often reflected in the quality of our relationships”

Let me support you in finding the strength to repair, rebuild and connect in a way that is unique and achievable.
I believe relationships work better if individuals feel free to explore their thoughts, feelings and passions freely without fear and apprehension.
It has been my experience that autonomy and acceptance are the superpowers to successful long-term relationships.

Autonomy in a Relationships:
We all need to explore our individual, connections, passions and self-meanings.
Following your own passions within a relationship releases the expectation we place on our partner to supply us with everything we need to make us happy. It gives us freedom to learn, explore and share our life with our partner. For couples with children, it is also important for you to have autonomy together, away from your children, so you can nurture and grow your adult relationship.

Acceptance in a Relationships:
Accepting your partner for who they are; releasing that expectation that they should know how you are feeling, what you need and what you expect of them. Understanding your partner for who they really are and what their role is in your relationship will encourage you to communicate your needs, your wants and your expectations more effectively, releasing any angst and reducing conflict.

This also applies to self-acceptance. Knowing who YOU really are as a person and what your needs and desires are, is really important, then actively living your life in line with your values, beliefs and life purpose.

If you know who you are as an individual and what your needs are in a relationship, you will be able to communicate effectively with others and build stronger connections.

As a registered counsellor and a member of the Australian Counselling Association, I am well equipped to support you with the highest level of service. I will support you in clarifying your relationship needs and work with you to achieve the relationship goals you set for yourselves.

That is my promise to you.