Are you living your Best Life? Over the weekend my dear friend Mary (not her real name) asked me “HOW CAN I BE THE BEST VERSION OF ME”?


Effective Communication in the workplace is vital to employee health  & well-being, overall happiness and workplace productivity!  These attribute to our WORK – LIFE – BALANCE theory.

5 Secrets to a successful relationship

What type of habits have you and your partner adopted in your romantic relationship?  Are these habits positive and support a happy and healthy relationship or are your habits dysfunctional and destructive causing you grief and sadness in your relationship? As you probably know by now, all relationships take work and both parties need to […]

10 signs you are in a healthy relationship

I have created this list for you to instil awareness to the fundamentals of a healthy relationship.  If you feel your relationship does not have these points, its important you address your concerns with your partner and/or seek professional support.  1/ Your relationship is a safe place What I mean by this is; you feel comfortable […]

Relationship Needs Assessment.

Do I smile more or cry more in my relationship? All relationships have arguments or disagreements from time to time, that’s because we are all uniquely different. But are you constantly disagreeing? When you argue do you increasingly raise your voice, fighting your cause by using past issues and including content that is deliberately designed […]

The Five Stages of a Relationship

What stage are you at? Research has identified that the lifespan of many relationships can be divided into different stages. Of course, there is no such thing as an average or normal relationship.  We are all uniquely different and our relationships are also uniquely different. What’s important to remember is if your relationship is struggling, […]

Stress – Anxiety – Depression

WHAT STRESS CAN DO TO YOUR BODY Overwhelming stress can impact your mental health and physical well-being. Stress can bring on symptoms of anxiety and depression, it can reduce your enthusiasm to perform daily activities, even activities you usually enjoy such as; catching up with friends, going out to dinner or even sex. Stress can […]